Missed open enrollment, unsure what to do

I now realize how stupid that was, please be kind.

I am self employed (Michigan, making around 40K). No preexisting conditions aside from ADD (if that counts – medicated in past, and I would like to be again). I would like just basic things – a check up, gyno appointment, and knowing if I have an accident it wont bankrupt me. Medication coverage for ADD again would be a huge help.

I'd prefer to not risk going almost a whole year without insurance, my job is physical. And I really do like my work, the idea of giving up a career I built for myself so I can switch to something that pays less, makes me miserable but has health insurance doesnt sound great to me.

I went on some website and plugged my info in, and have been bombarded with calls and texts from what I assume are agents or brokers. I'm skeptical of them being scammers. Are agents and brokers the only way to get myself insured now?

Any advice would be really appreciated, I'm worried I screwed myself.

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