Need help! deadline in a couple hours

So my 2022 insurance is no longer going to be an option so I have to pick a new insurance. I am confused because the insurance I have is $0 deductible while all the options for 2023 are not. The verbiage on the benefits sheets confuse me.

I am looking at one that has a $1450 deductible and $7500 out of pocket maximum and the benefits summary says something along the lines of:

-All copayment and coinsurance costs shown in this chart are after your deductible has been met, if a deductible applies.

-Primary care visit to treat an illness or injury in network : $15 copay in network, deductible does not apply


-If you have a diagnostic test such as x-Ray : 20% coinsurance in network

With that being said I am grasping this and want to make sure I’m right.

If I go to the doctor because I’m experiencing a medical issue, even if I haven’t met my $1450 deductible I will just pay a $15 co pay to do whatever I need for treating that visit

If that visit results in me needing an X-ray, I will pay out of pocket until my deductible is met. Once my deductible is met then I will pay 20% of the cost of that X-ray until I hit my out of pocket maximum of $7500

Am I understanding my benefits correctly? My biggest question is for number 1