Need help with now “old” insurance unpaid bill.

Back in 2/12/2024 I went to patient first.

April rolls around and I’ll be 26 in May which means I have to switch insurances since I’ll be booted off my parents.

The patient first bill is still unpaid so I reached out to both my insurance who claimed they did not have anything in their records, so they told me to reach out to patient first which then put my account on hold to resolve this issue.

6/14/2024, here comes the bill.

I’m no longer on the insurance but in 2021 this happened before with patient first and the same insurance it took them nearly 11 months to pay the claim. I don’t know what miscommunications are happening here but besides being told to resolve this myself and it still not being resolved. The old insurance company paid the last bill 100% so I know they would pay this bill 100%… I’m not willing to give up and fork up my own $366.

What should be my next steps or any advice would help?

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