Will I Have To Pay Back Medi-Cal?

Last year I was unemployed for an extended period starting in April 2023 and went on Medi-Cal for my health insurance, which was, financially, a Godsend. They are reviewing my eligibility for next year and asked for proof of income. Even though I'm pretty sure I don't qualify this year, like an idiot I uploaded a tax document for 2023 for which shows that I made more than the threshold for Medi-cal for last year, the year I received benefits. It didn't occur to me until after I uploaded that this could bite me in the ass but I can't find anyway to delete it from the site.

is there a way to delete an uploaded doc from BenefitsCal? Is it possible that they will conclude I made too much for the benefits I received last year and issue a fine? Technically, they'd be in their right to do so. However, I didn't intentionally mislead them. And cost-of-living is so high and health insurance is so high, it would really be difficult for me to pay them back.

Feeling like a primo idiot.

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