Not sure what to list for household income

I've been looking at the marketplace(?) insurance and Medicaid for my state. It's asking me questions that I don't understand and can't find any understandable info on. I was hoping someone here might be able to help or point me in the right direction.

It's asking me about my household income and I don't understand what classifies as "household income" in my specific situation. I am an adult over 30 living with my parents. I am unable to work due to several medical problems that were not properly diagnosed back when I had my parents' insurance many years ago. Because they were not properly diagnosed I do not qualify for disability income.

Since I cannot work and have no income, I do not file taxes as I was told this is not necessary. My parents started claiming me as a dependent on their taxes in 2018/2019 because their tax person said they could get a tax break or something.

Whose income do I put down on these online forms? Do I put my parents' income or mine ($0)? If they don't list me as a dependent for their 2023 taxes, can I put my income of $0? It's unclear what tax year open enrollment is for (2024 I would assume).

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