Options For Upcoming Family Coverage

Hi all! Hoping I can get some guidance as far as what plan is better for my family as my wife and I are exploring 3 current options . Just a bit of background info wife (40) and I (39) are healthy and we have two healthy boys (ages 8 and 4) . I am currently offered an HMO and My wife s offered a PPO (with an optional FSA -which we have had before and didn't like) and an HSA (which is new and i heard many PROS and some cons ) . Here are the 3 options we have narrowed it down to. The first costs are detailed whereas for the other plans ER etc. costs are the same just different premiums etc. Also looking for some guidance like i mentioned before on especially HSA accounts.

Cost Comparison

Option 1- Whole Family on ONE PLAN


Premium Monthly

$ 604.60 $591.94


$ 1000 $1,400

Office Visit

$25 Co-Pay We pay 20%

Specialist/Urgent Care

$40 We pay 20%


$150 We pay 20%

Inpatient/Outpatient Hospitalizations/Lab/Xray

Covered in full after deductible We pay 20%

Out of Pocket Max Out of Pocket Max

$ 8000 $ 6000

Option 2 – MY HMO INDIVIDUAL and WIFE/KIDS Employee + Children PPO Plan


TOTAL PREMIUM COST = $520.58 and option for FSA through Wife's Employer

Deductible $1,900 (total of both plans)

Out of Pocket Max

$ 10,000

Option 3 – MY HMO INDIVIDUAL and WIFE/KIDS Employee + Children HSA Plan

TOTAL MONTHLY PREMIUM COST = $464.22 + option for HSA through Wife's Employer (they give 600$ towards this account)

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Deductible $4,500

Out of Pocket Max $12,000

Thank you and guidance and information/opinions are appreciated!!!!

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