2024 VW Atlas Cross Sport gets Basecamp accessories

2024 VW Atlas Cross Sport gets Basecamp accessories

With the popularity of ever more rugged-looking SUVs continuing, Volkswagen has seen fit to expand its range of Basecamp accessories. This year it’s adding the recently redesigned 2024 Atlas Cross Sport coupe-style midsize SUV. That brings the lineup to three models including the regular Atlas, which introduced the line, and the little Taos.

The Basecamp accessories are effectively the same as on the regular Atlas, consisting mainly of the body kit created with the help of AirDesign. The prominent fender flares are the center piece, and they’re supported by matching front and rear bumper cladding and side skirts. A set of Fifteen52 off-road-style wheels are available, too, in either graphite or light silver. Volkswagen notes that the body parts are not available for R-Line and Peak Edition models, presumably as those models have different body parts such as the front and rear bumpers. The company also suggests having a tow hitch, since the rear bumper piece has a provision for it, and it also suggests opting for all-season tires for the wheels for the most off-road appearance as well as a bit more capability when leaving the pavement.

Pricing for the Cross Sport Basecamp kit is $2,774, and the wheels are $315 each. Each piece of the kit is available separately, as well. The front and rear bumper additions are $680 each, the side skirts are $769 for both sides, and the fender flares are $645. These individual prices are the same for the individual parts for the regular Atlas, but for some reason, the complete regular Atlas kit is discounted at $2,650. The regular Atlas also gets Basecamp badges on the front fenders when purchasing the complete package. The parts are available to order now, so you’ll be able to give your Atlas Cross Sport a more robust and outdoorsy look as soon as you like.

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