Orthotic Appliance being denied by my insurance because Doctor keeps billing it incorrectly.

I was fitted for and received an orthotic appliance in June of this year. My insurance covers orthotic appliances. Since then, the facial pain center where I received the appliance has billed me three times for this appliance. My insurance keeps denying the claim because they keep billing it as 'dental surgery' which I did NOT have and is not covered by my insurance. They claim the issue is that my insurance is from another state (Illinois) while I live in Minnesota. They use an outside billing service that they refuse to give me the contact info for. I have started to pursue a complaint against them with the Board of Dentistry in my state. They told me they get their claim numbers from the American Board of Dentistry but if that's true, shouldn't insurance from any state be able to interpret these codes? I have attempted to resolve the issue with them directly and they just keep sending notes to their outside billing department, an organization they refuse to give me the contact info for. What is my recourse?

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