please help me understand this Medi-Cal stuff?

So I signed up for Obama care years ago. And then somehow I was on Anthem Blue Cross. I had no income so no copay ect. Then not this last Sept. But the Sept before my leg had to be amputated due to infection on a burn I got escaping a wildfire. Recently I found out Anthem dropped me in July. I have no idea why. I never received an email a phone call or anything saying my insurance was going to get dropped. Just a few months ago I needed to establish a primary care doctor in the new county I live in and when I called anthem that’s how I found out they dropped me but the lady on the phone told me she couldn’t see why they dropped me. So here I am thinking I don’t have any insurance. So I checked the calwins benefit website it shows I have Medi-Cal still. Ok I’m in a county ran program to help get homeless ppl into permanent housing. My case manager says that I need to enroll in some kind of insurance because insurance helps with move out costs I believe? Plus this program wants me to establish a primary care doctor. Can anyone tell me what my insurance options are? Here’s a little about me….I’m 47, overweight, high blood pressure other than that I’m healthy. My right leg was amputated so I’m in a wheelchair. I waiting on my disability decision. I have no income at all but food stamps. Also I’m in Sacramento, CA that’s Sacramento County.

Any help will be appreciated! Please and thank you!