Received bill from Psychiatrist even though they suggested I see someone else?

Hi all 👋 I finally have ok health insurance (United Healthcare) through my job. I have what I think is undiagnosed ADHD most of my life but I wanted an official opinion and receive some type of treatment. I was reading a Psychiatrist can assess if you may have it so I book a Telehealth appointment with a psychiatrist that was in-network.

During the video appointment she asks a bunch of questions about my life for maybe 30 minutes, then asks "so how can I help you?" -I said 'well I think I might have ADHD but I would like a professional evaluation." -she then says "oh well for that you would need to take an actual ADHD assessment at a testing location" Then she started talking about how there is an Adderall shortage and how maybe there are strategies I can do to cope with ADHD such as organizing my work bag? Or leaving for work earlier?

–I said "oh I thought I could do that evaluation through you" Then it got kind of awkward like I overstayed my welcome. And she asked if I had any other questions then we ended the call soon after. She is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner if that makes any difference.

I see the bill states "new doctor visit, 45+ minutes, medical/professional services." $455, $313 owed. I have Choice Plus HSA so I knew it wouldn't be completely covered but I didn't think she would charge for a full session when in the first 5 minutes or before the meeting started she could have seen why I booked this in my pre-meeting notes 😪

I booked this meeting pretty far ahead since both the psych and myself had limited availability. She even had a good reviews on ZocDoc. I was really looking forward to this but feeling kind of at a loss :/ Is this normal?

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Also any suggestions on how to find a good ADHD assessment testing center?

Thank you!

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