I'm ironically a healthcare worker with a not so great health insurance policy at work, which we've used for years, but this past year we had several medical events and are nowhere near meeting the deductible (which probably doesn't even matter now because it's almost the end of the year!) I realized how frustrating it is paying for premiums each paycheck and then still owing so much on medical bills.

Currently I'm on the lowest value HSA plan, which for me and my spouse + 2 kids is $204.07 per paycheck ($408.14 a month essentially.) That has a deductible of $7,000 (which they calculate to be $5,700 after company hsa contributions, which I do utilize but I feel my hsa money is eaten up quick and I can't seem to save as much as I'd like.)

The premier ppo plans at my job would cost up to $800/month for us with a deductible amount of less than $3,000 a year with either plan. $800/month is not really feasible for us, though.

I then met with a healthcare.gov broker and she calculated at an estimated income of $80,000, we could have the "gold plan" for $374/month premium (this is with a $790 tax credit) and a deductible of $2,600. I'm leaning heavily towards selecting this plan for us, but she advised us to watch our income level because I have the potential of earning more as does my husband (he's a realtor.) If we earn more towards $85,000, it jumps our premium payment to $442/month. But, obviously the deductible is better either way, so is the healthcare.gov route the way to go?

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I'm only now learning so much about health insurance options and how everything works!

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