Self-employed NYC health exchange + OneMedical?

I’m a single, 31 year old self employed male in NYC struggling to figure out health insurance.

I really enjoyed One Medical and have used them for the past 5 years and would like to continue doing so.

Here’s a list of their accepted insurance in NYC:

However, it seems like (unless I’m missing something), the only insurance that is accepted also in the NY health exchange is Oscar:

I signed up for Oscar and the premium is ~$700 with the following specs:

Deductible: $4700

OOP Max: $8700

Oscar Care virtual visits: $0/$0

Primary care (first 3 visits $0)*: 100% / $50

Specialist (first 3 visits $0)*: 100% / $75

Urgent care: 100% / $75

Emergency room: 100% / $500

It seems I only get 3 visits to OneMedical before I’m on my own until the deductible is met. WTF?

Am I missing anything? Is this the best deal I can get? It seems pretty terrible compared to every insurance plan I’ve had through employers.