I'm a caregiver to my elderly parents 6 months a year, my siblings cover the other 6 months. My siblings are retired navy and air force so their health care is covered by the VA, but I am an average poor person trying to find health insurance on the marketplace that works in two states and doesn't cost $500/month.

Because I live in both states for an equal amount of time, can I check the marketplace for each state and choose either? My pcp, specialists, and dental are all in my home state, I'd really only need coverage for emergency care and the occasional sickness or injury in my parents' state.

What should I look for? I can't find any PPOs that have coverage for both areas, and the network provider lists don't seem to be updated often. On my home state's insurance marketplace, I found plans that list doctors that I know have moved away years ago.

Any tips?

Thank you for reading, any advice or direction is greatly appreciated.

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