So, the thing is, my parents were not insured for several years, and just to be on the safe side, I enrolled them in an Aetna plan through during the open enrollment period last year. I have been paying monthly premiums since then, but my parents have never visited any doctor's office, not even a primary care physician. On my current plan, it says that I have paid through October, but another payment is due on 31st November for a total of $360, although the plan was supposed to be $180 a month. My mother has gotten a job and will be filing taxes separately for the first time next year, so I have a few questions in this regard.

1) What happens if I don't pay my monthly premium outstanding amount?
2)If I terminate the plan through, will they ask me to settle all payment before canceling?

3)What will happen if I just don't pay the premium for the past month or so? I know the open enrollment period is in session again.

I'm just not sure about these things and what kind of effect these have on taxes and what not. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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