Surest vs UHC Gold CDHP for out of network mental health

Trying to decide which plan to go with between Surest $0 deductible or UHC $1600/$3200 in-network; $3200/$6400 out. The total out of pocket is actually slightly higher on Surest plan.

Wife and I both have out of network providers we like. For mine on BCBS I was able to get something like a GAP to get him treated like in-network. On Surest or UHC I don’t know how easy that would be.

I also see that Surest’s out of network copay is $210 OR lower depending on the CPT. The cpt I use is just the basic 90837, so I can’t see if it’s actually lower than $210. The UHC Gold has a 40% coinsurance.

Assume between us a total of 50 visits per year to these providers at $200 average (but that’s not what the covered amount would likely be).

Since this is our main predictable expense I’m trying to figure out if the $0 deductible is something I can work the system on to get my providers or at least one provider treated as in-network OR if I should just go with the CDHP plan that has the 40% coinsurance? Without knowing what these plans will cover per visit for the 90837 it’s really tough to decide.

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