Question about life insurance premiums

Sorry for the noob question but if I don’t ask, I’m going to be wondering for weeks during this underwriting process.

I recently submitted an application for life insurance and based on the information I entered about myself, my quote was $31/month. I’m a male in my mid 30s so this seemed like a pretty great rate in my limited knowledge of life insurance. Based on their online calculator, this quote was for “excellent” health.

Earlier today I took the medical exam, and the white coat syndrome for me is real. My blood pressure came back on average somewhere between 130-140, although it never touched 140 on any of the readings.

All of my lab work in the past has come out normal, so I’m not particularly worried about anything on that front.

My question is this: what is the slightly elevated blood pressure going to do to my overall cost? What if my cholesterol comes back slightly high or something?

I’ve looked online and the information is very vague because there are so many variables that go in to your cost.

I’m just wondering if this means my rate will be $35, $50? Will things like that cause it to shoot up to $75?

I realize it’s hard to say with a high level of certainty, I’m just trying to get an idea of how big of an impact outliers like that would make, assuming everything else looks good.


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