Surgery was preauthorized under spouse’s Aetna plan, now potentially getting a job

Hello all,

A brief summary: I live in Maine and I've been going back and forth for months with my spouse's insurance (Aetna) on which I am covered in order to get preauthorization for a major surgical procedure. I am a graduate student and not currently working myself, but I now that I have finally secured the preauth and scheduled the surgery for July I am entering into interviews for a job I feel fairly confident I will be offered. My spouse's insurance policy is excellent, and I don't really have use for additional coverage, not to mention that accepting my employer-sponsored plan would probably throw my scheduled surgery into chaos. Are there any negative repercussions to declining an employer-sponsored plan in favor of my spouse's plan remaining my primary insurance? Would Aetna know that I had access to another plan and decline to cover me as a primary policy? I'm just scared that this very expensive procedure would not be covered just because I finally was able to work after two years in graduate school.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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