Switching to Private Insurance from Medicaid seems Deadly?

I was on Arizona Medicaid also called ACCCHS, which covers nothing for teeth but pays for mine and my wife's prescriptions which she needs just one prescription a month but that comes with labs every six months. then any doctor visits. of course 100 percent of ER.

switching over, I can't believe my options. My work said I would be shocked at what the amount covers for how little. Come to find out, it is slightly over 400 PER CHECK for me and my spouse to have what is their best plan, but it doesn't even cover 100 percent of emergency room visits.

I thought I was doing the right thing taking a job. But considering I will lose what has been stable health care seems like a huge mistake.

I don't understand how anyone lives without medicaid as someone who at 24 has never not had Medicaid. I see why everyone who works struggles. I do not want to lose all my benefits for this, but coming to a point where I can't afford to live.

The plan is Cigna. Their deductible for the expensive plan is around 1500. I have never paid a deductible. You can't even just pay it, you have to pay for your own doctor visits until you reach the amount? To me this seems so unsafe.

This is mostly a vent because my head is breaking from this and I can't get the exact details on here. Anyone who switched from Medicaid to private insurance especially Cigna if you could give any advice it would help

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