Unexpected physical therapy bill. Multiple RTM codes, I think it’s not right?

Link to EOB documents https://imgur.com/a/DkchTdr

I received physical therapy for what I thought was a pinched nerve in my neck and sciatica.

I was under the impression that my insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) would cover these visits. However, I received a bill for around $600.

I'm reviewing the EOB right now, and there are multiple charges for "Remote Therapeutic Monitoring". At the first PT session, the receptionist had me download a patient portal app. During my 45 minutes PT session, the physical therapist recorded a demonstration of a stretch we had done. This recording took about 2 minutes, tops. This type of recording happened another two times during the course of my treatment, with only 2 minutes each time for recording the videos.

I was also supposed to use the app to rate my daily pain, and to say when I completed a stretch at home, but I think I only did this a max of two times.

From what I've been reading about RTM billing codes, I don't think they can bill me since the service was less than 20 minutes? They've also billed me a few times per month for the same code, and I don't think that's correct? Can someone confirm that for me?

If they have billed me incorrectly, should I contact the clinic, or Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Also worth mentioning, twice the physical therapist gave me about a five minute neck massage, and I was billed for that as well.

Thank you all for your help!

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