Insurance Deductions Without Warning

Hi everyone. My spouse (Angie) and I put their kid on my employer’s health insurance plan to ease that burden on Angie’s ex-spouse (Jack).

Jack works for NY State. Initially the State employer accepted to remove their kid from the state insurance plan based on change of coverage. Fast forward a year later, and unbeknownst to us, they silently put the kid back on state insurance without the Jack’s consent and without any warning. In particular, they kept deducting payroll deductions (which are very high).

When Jack recently found out and asked, they quoted some vague state law saying they had to be on the ex’s plan specifically despite already having coverage under my private employer’s plan. They also stated that the divorce between Angie and Jack mentioned nothing about insurance change. I don’t believe that to be relevant.

Honestly, this sounds fishy and it sounds like there is something fraudulent about it because they initially made the change without complaining (for a couple of months) and then just suddenly made the change back, and provided no letter, email, or any sort of new state insurance info (new cards etc) for the kid.

Does the state employer have a legal basis for doing this or is there a claim to be made for recouping past deductions that shouldn’t have been collected?

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