Dr office threatening small claims court?? $56

I have an outstanding balance of 56$ that I have not paid due to believing my doctor treated me poorly. The office is now sending me letters threatening to open a small claims court case to collect the money.

Back story: I was told I had to see the doctor in order to pick up my custom orthotics to “ensure a good fit”. I waited 40 minutes past my appointment time and asked the front desk if they could give me my orthotics and they said no I had to see the doctor. When I finally got called back I spent a total of two minutes in his office room.. all he did was hand me a plastic bag with my orthotics inside and say to come back with any issues. The doctor did not ensure a good fit or even look at me. The orthotics turned out to be too small as I got into the parking lot and put them in my shoes. I dropped them off at the front desk and told them. I was rushed out by this doctor and they still billed my insurance for a full specialist appointment.

How likely is it that they will actually open a small claim court case over 56 dollars? What rights do I have.. if any? I already tried to reason with the front desk woman the day after my appointment and she said they had to bill the insurance since I “saw the doctor”

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