What plan should my spouse and I use?

What plan should my spouse and I use?

Hi, first time poster. We recently were given new healthcare options and there are what seem like a lot of choices. Too many for me to discern what makes the most sense! Any advice would be appreciated. Spouse and I are young and healthy, no recurring medical issues or pharm subscriptions we do plan on having children soon. We don’t interact with the health care system very often. I feel ignorant when it comes to deductible/coinsurance. In the past I’ve been accustomed to copays of $50 for instance to visit the dentist, primary doctor etc. Not sure if these plans (both new offerings) offer that, or if I’d be on the hook for the bill if I visited the doc for a regular checkup?

My question is, if possible, I’d like to use the first health plan (the one with all the blue design accents) instead of my spouse’s.

If we both move to this plan, would you say it seems like a good plan? The future goal would be for my spouse to be a stay at home parent once we have children thus with the goal of using the “blue accent” plan if possible since their plan would assumingly terminate, but the plan seems costly monthly for the family and I’m unsure of how to calculate the benefits.

The dental and vision seem simple enough on either plan. Input is welcome but I feel most concerned about the medical plan options.

The end goal is to use one of the blue accented plans (either the core plan or buy up). Specifically whatever would be the most cost effective. Keep in mind we’d like to have children, so I’m not sure how that would factor into the decision.

Again, I’m very oblivious to the pros and cons. Would love to hear your opinions! Happy to provide extra data if needed.

“Blue accents” plan: https://ibb.co/wsT5qSR

Blue accents vision/dental: https://ibb.co/NKrhH0Y

Blue plan v/d continued: https://ibb.co/nn9zKgk

Second plan: https://ibb.co/1rFJGt6

Second plan d/v: https://ibb.co/7Sxbmh1

Second plan second option?: https://ibb.co/TH6mv9w