Will insurance reprocess claim for hospital stay and labor if we change insurance to add newborn?

Wife just delivered our daughter a couple of weeks ago. During open enrollment last year she specifically picked out a great plan that would cover a lot of costs for pregnancy/labor/hospital stay as we knew we would be trying this year.

Anyways, we are looking to add our daughter to my wife’s current insurance (which would be quite expensive) or change my wife’s insurance policy to a more affordable one altogether and include my daughter on it. While we were looking at different policies provided by her work, we realized that the new policy would be effective the day our daughter was born.

We have received the bill and as expected, it is really affordable due to the great coverage she has. I guess my question is would her insurance provider reprocess the claim under the new policy for the labor and 2 days that we were in the hospital? Essentially making our current really affordable bill be null and void and we get re-billed under the new policy.

We have called her insurance but had to leave a voicemail a few hours ago and we’re confused..

Forgive my ignorance, health insurance is far from my strong suit.

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