2023 Underwriters of the Year | Linda Tétreault, Commercial Mid-market Underwriting Specialist, Aviva

2023 Underwriters of the Year | Linda Tétreault, Commercial Mid-market Underwriting Specialist, Aviva

Linda Tétreault began her insurance career in the early ’90s with Missisquoi Insurance and later worked as a broker for a year while expanding her expertise and working on her FPAA designation. She held a senior underwriter position at RSA for 18 years before joining Aviva in 2016, where she today specializes in underwriting construction and manufacturing. 

Tétreault feels flattered and honoured by the recognition by Gaudreau Assurances, the Canadian Broker Network member that nominated her for the award. “It means a lot to me and encouraged me to continue working hard for my brokers,” she says. 

It was her first boss that inspired her to become an underwriter and advance in her career, Tétreault recalls of her journey in insurance. “He always motivated me by telling me that I had potential,” she remembers. “He encouraged me to do my CIP courses and then my FPAA to open doors for myself to have promotions and advancement.” 

Q: What is one opportunity underwriters should focus more on in today’s marketplace? 

“With all that we are currently experiencing in terms of technology, fraud, and not to mention climate change, we must take into consideration these new risks. These new risks offer underwriters the opportunity to become experts in a particular branch and to specialize as the industry changes, and they will give underwriters a wider career choice.”  

Q: What is the biggest challenge for underwriters, and how can underwriters or carriers overcome this? 

“The shortages in resources have resulted in an increase in workload. In order to balance everything, determining priorities, implementing a good time management methodology, and having good working relationships will help to ensure you’re not overwhelmed.”  

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Q: What makes for a great working relationship between underwriter and broker? 

“It starts with having a relationship of trust with your broker, having open and clear communication, offering unparalleled service, and being open to finding solutions. Always have the best interests of the insured in mind, in order to help ensure the customer has insurance that is adequate for their situation.”