A Ferrari F8 Makes A Great Livestock Feed Trough

A Ferrari F8 Makes A Great Livestock Feed Trough

For as luxurious and expensive as a Ferrari can be, the supercars are never really doing anything new. There’s a very good chance that every Ferrari owner in the history of humankind has done at least one of two things with a Ferrari: They have driven it very carefully, or they have added it to their massive car collection that never sees the light of day. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see some truly ingenious uses of a machine like the Ferrari F8 — such as using it as a feed trough for livestock.

Carspotting at Sotheby’s: Ferrari Edition

Up on the hood of the Ferrari F8 is a handy little hood vent called an S-duct. This duct cuts through the nose to allow air to flow through it; it’s the kind of refined aerodynamics you’d expect to see on a Formula 1 car. Except I can pretty much guarantee no Ferrari F8 owner will ever drive their car fast enough for the S-duct to work its fancy magic.

You can put that duct to much better uses, like feeding your farm animals.

If you’re cursing yourself for failing to think of it first, that’s okay. Not all of us were born with the kind of curiosity that led Albert Einstein to his paradigm-changing realizations — nor were we born with the avant-garde eye for unconventional automobile uses that blesses YouTuber WhistlinDiesel, who recently put his Ferrari F8 through a series of durability tests:

Ferrari Durability Test #1 (incomplete)

Ferrari is a company known for its strict management of its cars; just because you’ve bought a Ferrari doesn’t mean you can just use it how you see fit. The legendary Italian marque isn’t a stranger to sending cease and desist warnings to people it deems are improperly or inappropriately owning its very expensive vehicles. Ferrari owners have long shuddered at committing a sin as egregious as wrapping their vehicle in pink, and it has hampered the kind of automotive ingenuity that was able to give us a supercar in the first place.

That’s why WhistlinDiesel is so important. Vehicles are just hunks of material that us humans have, for some reason, ascribed some value and meaning to. A Ferrari is just a car. Why shouldn’t it also transcend the boundaries of its maker to become a livestock feed trough? Why should we so narrowly limit the scope of the human imagination?

After all, it’s just like WhistlinDiesel says: “If you don’t like the way I’m treating my Ferrari, you can treat your Ferrari extra nice.”