BMW details 2024 iX2 xDrive30 electric trim

BMW details 2024 iX2 xDrive30 electric trim

The all-new battery-electric 2024 BMW iX2 now enters the stage, shortly after we met the new combustion-engined 2024 BMW X2. There will be two electric variants joining four trims with gas and diesel engines: The battery-powered iX2 xDrive30 and another unnamed electric trim; the three-cylinder gas-powered, rear-wheel drive X2 sDrive20i; the four-cylinder gas-powered, all-wheel-drive X2 xDrive28i and M235i xDrive; and the four-cylinder diesel-powered mild hybrid X2 sDrive18d. Only the X2 xDrive28i and M235i xDrive are coming to the U.S., the others will be distributed among international markets. A staggered launch sees these hitting dealers in March, the second electric trim we expect to a rear-wheel-drive iX2 eDrive20, and a second diesel will arrive on certain markets in summer 2024.

The iX2 is powered by the same setup used in the iX1. A 64.8-kWh battery turns a motor on each axle, combined output listed as 313 horsepower and 364 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers reflect the “temporary boost effect” BMW employs to bump output for short periods of time (as it does with M235i xDrive). BMW doesn’t specify vehicle power figures when not in this boost mode. The iX2 is a hair quicker than the iX2, reaching 62 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds instead of 5.7. That fastback roof on the iX2 pushes ranges out a few miles compared to the iX1 as well. The iX2 is estimated to go from 259 to 279 miles on a charge based on the WLTP cycle, sitting on the standard 17-inch, aerodynamically optimized wheels. The iX1 is estimated to hit anywhere from 257 to 272 miles. Electronically limited top speed is the same in both — 112 miles per hour. The rear-wheel-drive iX2 is rated at 296 miles of estimated range, so if the iX2 remains more efficient when turning the rear axle only, there’s a chance it surpasses 300 miles on the WLTP cycle.

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Another minor differentiator between the compact electrics is that the iX2 doesn’t wear its power source on its metaphorical sleeve, omitting the bright blue accents found on its more upright sibling. 

Back to the overlap between the iX1 and iX2, a max charging rate of 130 kW means replenishing the battery from 10% to 80% state-of-charge takes as little as 29 minutes. Plugged into a Level 2 wall box, getting the battery from empty to full takes 6.5 hours. Expect more details on the 2024 iX2 lineup — including specs on the RWD variant — closer to the latter’s launch next year. 

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