Curious about EVs? Hyundai Evolve+ will let you try one for a month

Curious about EVs? Hyundai Evolve+ will let you try one for a month

Leases provide an excellent alternative for commitment-challenged people to own new vehicles, but a two- or three-year term is too long for someone who just wants to see how an EV might fit into their lifestyle. Hyundai plans to get those people behind the wheel of a new EV through its Evolve+ EV subscription service.

Evolve+ is a new monthly subscription service for what Hyundai calls the “EV-Curious” among us. It includes a month in an EV, along with 1,000 driving miles, insurance, maintenance, registration, and roadside assistance — for a starting price of $699 for a Kona EV. Stepping up to an Ioniq 5 bumps the price to $899 per month. Hyundai said there’s no long-term commitment and notes that subscribers can cancel anytime. Some programs, such as Care by Volvo, don’t allow cancellations until an introductory period has passed.

The Evolve+ program is intended to give potential EV buyers some somewhat affordable, commitment-free time behind the wheel. As Hyundai points out, the program is significantly cheaper than buying, leasing, and renting, though the 1,000-mile limit may be too restrictive for some drivers. After 1,000 miles, Hyundai charges $20 per 100 miles up to 1,500 miles and then $1 per mile. Still, the $899 monthly price for an Ioniq 5 is less than the estimated $850 monthly financing charge — and far cheaper than a more than $2,000 monthly rental bill.

Participants access the service through the Hyundai Evolve+ app — downloadable from the Apple and Google app stores — that lets them select a vehicle and set up payments. Once the buyer sets a reservation, they can go to the dealer to pick it up. It’s worth noting that just like when you rent a car, the vehicles in the program may not be brand-new.

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The Hyundai Evolve+ program is available at dealers in six states, but it said it will expand to other states by the end of 2023. The app allows a nationwide search radius, so you can view the available vehicles closest to you.

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