Infiniti's First EV To Debut As Vision Qe Concept This Month

Infiniti's First EV To Debut As Vision Qe Concept This Month

Image: Infiniti

While Nissan was one of the very first automakers to embrace the EV revolution, its luxury arm Infiniti has been much slower to approach the new segment. On October 24, Infiniti is going to give the world a preview of what its first EV will look like in the form of a sleek and swoopy crossover concept. This new concept will be called Vision Qe, and based on Infiniti’s current Q nomenclature, that sort of fits.

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Infiniti isn’t exactly a stranger to long and swoopy crossovers, as it basically invented the “Coupe CUV” market when it launched the 350Z-based FX35. It’s about time for that kind of design to make a resurgence in the zeitgeist, as the penchant for upright and brick-shaped ‘masculine’ machines begins to wane once more. This curvy coupe-y machine should be quite attractive, based simply on the teaser above.

The Vision Qe should be the first step in a revamp plan that Infiniti is calling ‘Ambition 2030’ as it will launch in a dedicated global debut alongside “several stunning new models.” It’s impossible to say what Infiniti is up to, but considering its lineup is one sedan and three SUVs, something new is absolutely needed immediately.

Infiniti’s sales are lower than they’ve ever been in the brand’s history, and it hasn’t launched a new model in ages. The brand is ready for a turnaround, however, as the confounding luxury maker has recently revamped its logo, developed a new retail store design, and says a “product renaissance” is on the horizon, signaling “a new dawn and holistic refresh for Infiniti.”

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I admit I have Infiniti in my heart, as it has built a lot of really interesting cars over the years. I hope the Qe is as pretty as the teaser seems to indicate, and I hope Infiniti can meet its 2030 goals for corporate refresh. The world (and Nissan) needs this plucky little brand to get its shit together.