Porsche launches a sleek, $590,000 speedboat with electric Macan power

Porsche launches a sleek, $590,000 speedboat with electric Macan power

Most Porsches are designed with four wheels and built to travel exclusively on dry land. Not the Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air.

That’s quite a mouthful to describe a speedboat that’s powered by a full 100kWh battery and motors transplanted from the company’s upcoming all-electric Macan SUV.  So an “EV” is no longer only an automobile, although you probably won’t find an electric car with a starting price of about $590,000.

The Fantom Air is the product of a collaboration between Porsche and the Austrian boatbuilder Frauscher, a special edition of the standard 850 Fantom Air that’s massaged to deliver “up to 600” horsepower.

That translates to a top speed of 46 knots (53 mph) on the water, with a cruising range of 28 miles at the optimum speed of 22 knots (25 mph) — in other words, it’ll go about an hour before needing a charge. But at least you can admire the boat’s looks while it’s docked. Porsche says there are Docking, Range, Sport and Sport Plus modes for the powertrain.

“This boat is a real milestone in the industry,” says the managing director of Frauscher Shipyard, Stefan Frauscher. “The electric version of the Fantom Air is better than the version with an internal combustion engine in all driving characteristics, such as top speed, acceleration and handling – and at the same time locally emission-free.” 

Porsche designers contributed to the boat’s interior, notably to a classic steering wheel in faux leather that’s resistant to saltwater. A total of nine people can fit into the cruiser.

The Porsche 850 Fantom Air uses components of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) on which the new all-electric Macan is based. The technology includes the lithium-ion high voltage battery, a latest-generation permanently excited synchronous electric motor (PSM), and the related power electronics. Thanks to the 800-volt technology from Porsche, the electric boat can be charged at DC fast-charging stations. AC charging is also possible.

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This is not Porsche’s first trip to sea. It collaborated a few years ago on a 115-foot yacht.

The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air is expected launch next year. The initial plan is for a first edition of 25 units. Interested parties can explore the options at www.frauscherxporsche.com.