'Nah Man My Friend Gave It To Me' Defense Fails Yet Again In Stolen McLaren MP4-12C Case

'Nah Man My Friend Gave It To Me' Defense Fails Yet Again In Stolen McLaren MP4-12C Case

Lying may not always the most morally upstanding skill, but it’s one that’s worth keeping sharp. Maybe you’ll have to tell someone their new haircut totally looks great, or convince that very stern IRS agent that your shiny new Hellcat was an incredibly necessary expense for your small business. Or, you could end up pulled over in a stolen McLaren MP4-12C, with no better excuse than, “My friend gave it to me.”

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The driver of a stolen MP4-12C tried that line on cops in Vallejo, CA earlier this month, who were — shockingly — not immediately taken in by the intricate web of lies. Rather than falling victim to the meticulously planned subterfuge, the cops instead arrested the driver and contacted its owners, who said the man behind the wheel had not in fact been given the supercar as a gift. Good try, though.

Police didn’t say how they knew the McLaren was stolen before arresting the driver, but did say that the driver weaved that tapestry of untruth after being Mirandized. As a general rule, it’s usually best to take advantage of that whole “right to remain silent” thing once it’s been said. You’re rarely going to talk your way out of a system that profits off punishment without at least going to law school first. Which, in some ways (both the loans and the 1L workload) is its own form of profitable punishment.

Keep your lying skills sharp — they’re good to have on hand — but maybe don’t practice them on the cop that’s just pulled you over for driving a stolen bright yellow supercar. No matter how good a liar you are, or how good you think you are, it’s usually best to shut the fuck up.

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