Score a rare 20% off a YETI cooler at REI

Score a rare 20% off a YETI cooler at REI

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As part of their Labor Day Sale starting today, REI is currently offering an enticing 20% off sale on any one full-price YETI product, from coolers to camping chairs, providing an exceptional opportunity to snag these high-performance cooling companions at an even more appealing price. Yeti Coolers are renowned for their durability, insulation capabilities, and rugged design, making them a staple for anyone who values keeping their provisions fresh and cold during outdoor escapades.

20% off at REI

Key Features:

Durability: Yeti Coolers are built to last, constructed with rugged materials that can withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Their robust construction ensures they can endure bumps, drops, and other impacts without compromising their functionality.
Insulation: These coolers use thick walls and advanced insulation materials to keep ice and contents cold for extended periods. This insulation efficiency is a crucial factor, especially in hot weather conditions.
Ice retention: Yeti Coolers are known for their impressive ice retention capabilities. Their robust insulation and airtight seals allow them to maintain ice for days, making them ideal for multi-day trips or extended outdoor activities.
Rugged design: Yeti Coolers are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. They feature rotomolded construction, heavy-duty latches, and reinforced handles, making them capable of withstanding rough handling and demanding environments.
Variety of sizes: Yeti offers a range of cooler sizes to cater to different needs. Whether you’re going on a solo camping trip or a large group expedition, you can find a Yeti Cooler that suits your requirements.
Versatility: Yeti Coolers aren’t just for keeping things cold. Many models offer various compartments, trays, and accessories to organize your items effectively. Some models even double as seating or additional table space.
Quality components: Yeti uses high-quality components throughout their coolers, including heavy-duty hinges, rubber gaskets, and corrosion-resistant hardware. These components contribute to the overall durability and reliability of the coolers.
Brand reputation: Yeti has established itself as a premium brand synonymous with quality and performance. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified their reputation as a top choice for outdoor cooling solutions.

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A 20% discount on Yeti Coolers at REI is truly a noteworthy deal. These coolers are not your ordinary cooling devices; they’re engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions, making them a preferred choice for camping, fishing, boating, and any outdoor adventure that requires dependable cooling solutions. With this substantial and infrequent discount, outdoor enthusiasts can secure these premium coolers without breaking the bank, allowing them to invest in quality equipment that will last years.

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