Tell Us How Much This NA Miata Will Sell For

Tell Us How Much This NA Miata Will Sell For

With the advent of online sports betting and day trading right on your phone, gambling has never been more popular than it is right now. That’s why we here at Jalopnik want to get in on the action. For complicated legal reasons, we’re not actually gambling (please do not send us money), but we are going to be betting for the thrill of it all!

Carspotting, Monterey Auction Edition: 1938 Talbot-Lago T150-C

As for what we’re betting on, well it’s this 1994 NA Mazda Miata auction on Cars & Bids. It’ll work just like a speculative market. We’re all going to bet on the final selling price, the number of bids, the number of bidders, the number of comments, number of views. All of these categories will also get over/unders. Again, this is all just for fun. NO MONEY will be changing hands.

In terms of who is setting over/unders, well, it’s me. I promise it’ll be sort of scientific, at least. I’ll be gathering them from other similar vehicles that have sold on C&B. I am begging you not to get too heated or take this too seriously.

Anyway, because I’m such a great guy, I’m making a little template for you to copy right into the comments.

Final Sale Price:Final Sale Price O/U ($9,500):Number of Bids:Number of Bids O/U (25.5):Number of Bidders:Number of Bidders O/U (10.5):Number of Comments:Number of Comments O/U (35.5):Number of Seller Q&As:Number of Seller Q&As O/U (4.5):

For all non-over/under bets, we’re going with Price is Right rules. That means, whoever guesses the closest number to the actual amount (without going over) wins. What do you win? My love and admiration. That should be enough for you. Bidding ends at 2:24 p.m. EST on August 22nd.