This Legendary Japanese Tuner Built a Ferrari Enzo With a Stroker Motor

This Legendary Japanese Tuner Built a Ferrari Enzo With a Stroker Motor

Screenshot: Hagerty via YouTube

There are a handful of Japanese tuning shops that have reached an almost mythological status among car enthusiasts around the world. Names like Top Secret, Mines and Spoon are almost household names now, but other shops, often the ones that are doing the really wild stuff, fly much more under the radar. One of the best of these is the Yokohama shop Iding Power, and the list of cars being worked on there almost reads like the “Like Tears In Rain” monologue from Blade Runner.

Carspotting at Sotheby’s: Ferrari Edition

Mr. Iding got his start working on motorcycles, then Toyotas and eventually made his way to Germany to work for Schnitzer to learn how to build racecars – this is Schnitzer Motorsport, not AC Schnitzer. There he learned to love BMWs, and when he returned to Japan, he began building highly tuned naturally aspirated BMWs with stroker motors. This skill with Bavarian engines led Mr. Iding to become Japan’s only McLaren service center in the early 90s, where he began servicing the legendary F1.

MODIFIED Enzo Ferrari – Iding Power secrets with Larry Chen | Capturing Car Culture

From there, Mr. Iding decided to try his hand at tuning Ferraris, again naturally aspirated only and mostly by stroking their motors out to improve torque and power output. He’s done Ferraris of all kinds, from 328s to F40s and now, even the legendary and legendarily expensive Ferrari Enzo, the 6.0-liter V12 of which he managed to stroke out for an extra 400cc of displacement.

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He doesn’t just stop at engines, though. He has his own body kits and wheels manufactured. He specs suspension and has that manufactured as well. He builds road and race cars and does it all in a relatively small (by US standards) shop almost totally surrounded by a residential neighborhood.

Watching this video from fellow legend Larry Chen should be enough to get anyone’s heart pumping, especially when the Enzo does a cold start.