(NJ) Marketplace is kicking me off our plan because apparently we were on Medicaid and I had no idea. Is there anything I can do?

My spouse and I were using medicaid for about 6 months in 2021. Unbeknownst to me, we’re still on it. Apparently the plan has been continually extended since then without ever contacting us because of COVID.

So when I applied in 2023, I applied for tax credits. They requested documents showing I wasn’t on Medicaid. That’s when I found out that I was on it. So I didn’t know what to do, and ultimately let the notice lapse (a mistake, obviously), thinking that they were just going to take away the tax credits.

Instead they’re kicking us off the plan entirely at the end of the month. None of my doctors take medicaid. We’re not in a healthy place and have tons of mental and physical health visits every month. We like our doctors a lot. We’ve had bad experiences with others. And paying out of a pocket seems like a no go as we racked up over $40,000 in (pre-insurance) medical expenses last year.

I’ve been back and forth with both parties now:

Marketplace rep says that if we drop the medicaid, we can count that as a “Loss of coverage” qualifying event, and reapply. Then we can buy a marketplace plan at full price.

But Medicaid warned me that a “Voluntary Termination” doesn’t qualify, and that if I dropped the Medicaid I wouldn’t be able to reapply until December.

So basically I’m terrified of getting stuck in the middle without any insurance at all, and I don’t how we’d navigate being on the Medicaid alone and having to switch all our doctors. At minimum, the transition would really screw with us because we both have ADHD and depression and struggle with doing these things efficiently.

Is there anything we can do to keep the marketplace plan that doesn’t risk us being uninsured? Thanks in advance.

(We’re both 35, NJFamilyCares is the medicaid org, GetCoveredNJ is the marketplace)