What Are Your Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks?

What Are Your Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks?

Image: Virrage Images (Shutterstock)

Cleaning a car can almost be ritual-like. Some people obsess over minor details, cleaning everything from air vents to individual buttons. Others may not care as much and will clean it just enough so that it just merely looks clean. No matter which group you fall into, we all have certain tips or cleaning tricks we do that we think get our vehicles the cleanest they can be.

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I’m of the detail-oriented lot, thanks to being both a parent and a child of a former mobile detailing service owner. I’m talking Q-tips in air vents kind of detail. One of my best cleaning tips I learned from my mom when she ran her detailing service was how to get pesky stains out of seats. Things like food stains or something stronger can be hard to get out of seats, especially if it’s a nice type of fabric. Using a plastic spoon to scrape off the top surface of the stain does well to loosen it so it won’t be as embedded in the fabric of the seat. It can be time-consuming if it’s a bad stain but trust me, it works.

Now we ask you, the reader. What car cleaning tips or tricks do you have up your sleeve? It could be something that you’ve been doing for years. Or something you just discovered that works. Whatever it is, share it with us in the comments.

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