What’s the Worst Three-Wheeler of All Time?

What’s the Worst Three-Wheeler of All Time?

A photo of two vintage three-wheeled cars parked on a cobble street.

Are three wheels ever better than four? Photo: Phil Sangwell via Wikimedia Commons

Many cars have more than four wheels if you count things like the steering wheel and spare, and also smaller “wheels” in the seat or engine bay or what have you. But some cars don’t even have a wheel at each corner – it’s madness, I know.

And despite us apparently now being in an era that celebrates weird cars, we’re gonna name and shame some freaks of the automotive world today. That’s because we want to hear what you think the worst three-wheeled vehicle of all time might be?

Sure, the easy target here is something like the Robin Reliant, thanks to Jeremy Clarkson’s mission to topple one over at every corner in an old episode of Top Gear. But that’s not the reality of life in a Reliant, they’re actually not all that bad or unstable.

So what out there is worse than this plucky British three-wheeler? We want to know.

Let’s start things off with the Bond Minicar, a series of three-wheelers built in the UK back in the 1950s. This lineage started with the cutesy Minicar of 1949 that soon ballooned into the ugly Mark E of 1957.

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The Mark E had weirdly flat sides, and an odd-looking face that didn’t match the friendly appearance of other three-wheelers of the era. On top of that, the convertible model came with a weird protruding cab and an unnerving flat windscreen that knocked the proportions all off. Weird car.

But there are ample other strange three-wheelers out there, what do you think is the worst? Head to the comments section below and let us know your pick for the worst three-wheeled vehicle of all time. We’ll round up some of the top offenders in a slideshow tomorrow afternoon.