What’s Your Perfect $100,000 Garage?

What’s Your Perfect $100,000 Garage?

Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery. Not the Powerball, we’re talking a smaller one — maybe a partial match, or a particularly good scratch off. You have enough to pay off your debt, take care of your friends and family, and donate to some mutual aid GoFundMes. And, after all that, you’ve still got some cash left over: $100,000, all to spend on vehicles.

Steve’s Ill-Advised First-Time Motorcycle Trip

No moral considerations, no tax write-offs, just an even six figures to spend on the cars, bikes, boats, or suspiciously cheap aircraft of your dreams. But with a budget that’s too high for Craigslist shitboxes, yet too low for top-tier performance cars, what’re you buying?

I’d start with Yamaha, swap out my own BMW F800GS for a new Tenere 700. After some crash bars, cargo, and other mods, I’m estimating about $15,000 here. Is that number too high, as an expression of the trauma accumulated from repairing my own GS? No. Not at all.

Next, something a bit more comfortable for the long trips. A new Land Cruiser will do, with a base price of $55,000. I don’t really need leather, right? Land Cruiser ownership is its own reward.

That leaves $30,000 remaining, which I would spend on one new Honda Civic Si. The remainder, all $1,500 of it, will be saved for a rainy day. Or, more realistically, to replace parts on the Yamaha after innumerable drops off-road.

There is is, a dream $100,000 garage. But that’s my dream — what’s yours? Leave your picks down in the comments, and we’ll grab our favorites later in the week.