Which Generation Has The Worst Drivers?

Which Generation Has The Worst Drivers?

Image: GBJSTOCK (Shutterstock)

We get a ton of emails on a daily basis. From readers to PR people and companies pitching us things, it can be a lot to go through but somehow we sift through it all. Not all of the things we get is newsworthy or worth even looking at. But recently something we received piqued our interest.

Millennials and Zillennials Can’t Get Enough of Manual Transmissions

A couple weeks back, some PR person pitched us this study about each generation and its drivers. Typically, we don’t do posts based on these studies, but it got us thinking about which generation has the worst drivers. And with generations of people alive, this could get a bit… interesting.

Data from the study says that Millennials are the worst drivers out of any generation. As a Millennial myself, I feel attacked. But the data is there they claim, saying that Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 “accounted for the most car accidents, the most fatal car accidents, and the second-highest percentage of distracted drivers.” OK, whatever. It still didn’t say why.

The study goes on to use data from the NHTSA with even more age ranges and data showing just how much we get into car accidents, speeding and drunk driving. While this would be valuable data for someone who hates Millennials to point to say “Look! You guys can’t drive!” there’s no reasoning behind it. And numbers don’t always tell the full story.

So we ask you dear Jalopnik reader, what generation of drivers are the worst? Remember to keep it civil, we’re all friends here. We just want reasons than numbers since it seems the people that have actual data can’t give us any. So hop into the comments and tells us who can’t drive and why.