Disclosing conditions at paramed exam

I have my paramed exam on Friday. It’s one of these ExamOne clinics run by Quest Diagnostics.

They sent me a questionnaire with all the information they want me to provide. As simple as the medical history would seem to be, it’s really not.

I probably have exercise-induced asthma. When exercising on cold winter days, I get a lot of mucus build up. Doctor years ago prescribed albuterol to use as needed. He never said I have asthma, and I’ve never had an asthma attack in my life. Do I still tell them I have asthma?

I have acid reflux problems that are normally controlled by over the counter omeprazole. When it flares up really bad, my doctor gave me a couple other drugs to use as needed. I haven’t needed those drugs in months. Do I still disclose them as a current medication?

The last one I actually inquired about on this subreddit before. I had a sleep study done in 2019 that said mild sleep apnea, but only in the supine position. I don’t normally sleep supine, I only did so for the purpose of the sleep study. The replies on here suggested I give them a copy of the results. Is that still a good idea?

And if it matters, the company I’m going with is Pacific Life.