Life insurance benefit paid out in full to primary beneficiary and not the others.

My father passed away in August. He had a life insurance policy for $750k and has been paying it for around 15 yrs. After he passed I learned I’m a beneficiary of 30% of the policy. We filled out all of the claim paperwork and have called to “follow up” multiple times as the “10 days” came and went. Fast forward a couple of weeks, my Mom just received a check for the entire benefit. She is the “primary beneficiary” and has told us she will give us our part… $30k…which is not 30% of the claim. This was great news to receive on Thanksgiving /s …Mom is pretty happy. The insurance company is AIG. Does anyone know what I and my sibling should do? Doesn’t seem like AIG has been very motivated to talk with us ever. Last time they basically said “we have been in contact with your Mom, the primary beneficiary holder, if you have any further questions contact her”…am I chopped liver with no actual benefit as a 30% beneficiary? Feeling pretty bummed today. My Mom says my Dad is smiling down on her. Any thoughts or advice? Calling tomorrow to hopefully try and sort some of this out.

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