How will most underwriters rate me? Standard? Standard Plus? Preferred?

•35 Female

•5'-3", 150lb, Non-smoker

•I take Vyvanse for ADHD

•I spent 3-1/2 months in the hospital in early 2021 from covid complications. I was on a ventilator and ecmo for a large chunk of that time. Also, in a medically induced coma for most of that time. I'm completely better now and have been back to work full time for over 2 years. I know I am very lucky to be alive! I don't have any long-covid or any long-term effects. I have full lung capacity. I do have a micro sized pacemaker (the size of a bullet) that was placed during my hospitalization. It was placed because many of the strong IV drugs I was on for the medically induced coma caused bradycardia. But once I was done with the medically induced coma and I had completely recovered from everything, the bradycardia completely stopped. My cardiologist says I have zero heart issues, and the pacemaker is just there because it's not worth the risk of removing it.

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