Need advice… my back story: My ex husband with who we have a teen daughter together passed away in April. To say he was a shitty husband and dad is an understatement. Im not just saying that-when people hear the things he put me through I constantly hear “Why did you marry him? Why did you have a kid with him?”. When I met him he had two small children from a previous marriage (ages 4&5) He was a manipulative and very entitled. He verbally and physically abused me and eventually I found the courage to divorce. He had 50/50 custody of our daughter who was three at the time. He never paid a dime of any child support because of the 50/50 arrangement even though he made a lot more money than me owning his own business. His relationship with my daughter was not a good one. Always arguing and picking on her. She is on the spectrum and ex was very old school in his ways-he always made her feel like crap. “Why is she acting like that? What’s wrong with her?”. My daughter was in therapy after death, but she is fine. She even told me her life will now be easier.
Fast forward to earlier this year-he passes away from a fentanyl overdose. We had policies on each other and I easily collected on my claim. A few weeks later I receive a letter in the mail from a different insurance company- “Sorry for your loss, please complete this claim form”. I call the company and they won’t give me any details over the phone but just to complete the form. So I do. A few weeks go by, and I get a text from ex’s sister asking why I completed the claim form. I sent her a copy of the original letter I received and she said she’s confused and will get back to me. Next day, she sends me a text saying “if you cash the check, you’ll be hearing from my attorney. I’m not going to tell the kids what you’ve done.” I don’t reply. Maybe I should of but she is just like my ex and I didn’t want to. His kids are now in their early 20’s. I call the local agent that’s name was on the letter and he told me my ex was in the process of changing the beneficiaries. I can only assume by sisters comment he was changing the beneficiaries to the three kids. I received the funds from this claim direct deposited this morning. I’m nervous because I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want to be in the position of hiring an attorney. Now that I’ve “cashed the check”-can she and the family contest it? If they show me proof that ex was in fact changing the beneficiaries to the three children, I’m not opposed to giving the other two kids their third. Ex had a substantial estate that is in probate and my daughter is listed in will. One of my fears is that the family will hold this against my daughter financially. I hate drama and I’m scared. I had no idea he had this second policy.

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