What do payout envelopes look like?

I am awaiting a claim in the mail after my mother's death but I haven't told my grandparents about the fact that she had life insurance (Securian) and that I'm the beneficiary. I live with them, I know I should have opted for direcr deposit but I live in a different country than my mother did where the company resides, and I figured it would be simpler for tax reasons to get a check from the company to deposit myself at the bank instead of suddenly getting a bunch of random money in my account since I don't want my bank account randomly locked until they investigate how suspicious it mighy look? I don't know, I'm not very financially well-read and the time my brain was frazzled from the grief if that makes sense. What I'm asking is do life insurance companies (specifically Securian in this case) advertise themselves on such important documents/checks on their envelopes when a claim check is mailed? Or at least not the fact that it's from their life insurance branch? Idk if my grandparents are familiar with Securian but I'm worried they'll see the envelope and ask me a bunch of questions I won't know how to answer. I can't find answers in the company's privacy policy. Are their envelopes on the plain side, or are they stamped with their name and logo, and the fact that it's from a life insurance claim? Thank you 💓

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