Carrier on what it means to provide superior service

Carrier on what it means to provide superior service

In a survey conducted by Insurance Business to determine Canada’s 5-Star Carriers for 2022, 60% of insurance brokers said that when they are looking for an insurance carrier partner, they consider the carrier’s overall service level.

But maintaining high levels of service is a tall order, especially as the insurance industry at large is in the middle of a staffing crunch. And yet against all odds, SGI Canada managed to maintain its high levels of service, landing the carrier a spot on IBC’s 5-Star Carrier 2022 list. Sure enough, brokers who nominated SGI Canada for the award scored the carrier highly for overall service level, claims processing, and underwriting expertise.

SGI Canada’s reputation is no joke; a national customer survey ranked the carrier number two in terms of customer experience, while an internal survey found that 87.4% of brokers were satisfied with their relationships with SGI Canada. SGI Canada also mentioned that it has been committed to helping its broker partners since its inception in 1945.

“Supporting the customer through all their relationships with our broker partners and offering a robust set of options can simplify their needs and allow us to better support their offices in many ways,” said SGI EVP and COO Andrew Voroney.

But Voroney added that on top of service, SGI Canada’s other secret to success lies in its long-term, careful view on profits and growth.

“We have long-serving employees and a leadership group that has grown up in the company, which results in decision-making based on the long-term strategic direction of the company,” the EVP said. “We apply disciplined due diligence before launching new products or entering new markets, and if the results aren’t what we expect, we adjust in a responsible way and time frame for both the customer and broker.”