Ep155 James Hands CEO Miller: Always looking through a client lens

Ep155 James Hands CEO Miller: Always looking through a client lens

15 minutes ago

Todays’ guest is a CEO who has just started in post at one of the London Market’s longest-running independent broking houses.

As one would expect James Hands of Miller is full of energy and ideas on how to continue the broker’s impressive run of growth.

James is a broker’s broker and our discussion rarely beats around the bush. He tends to get straight to the point.

Miller is going to grow organically and by acquisition, but it is going to keep a laser-like focus on client need, culture and playing to the broker’s specialist wholesale insurance and reinsurance strengths.

We run through how the tough market is playing out for Miller and its clients, whether third party capital backing has changed the firm’s culture and how the group is reacting the major technological changes that are transforming the way business is done across broad swathes of the market.

James is excellent company and gives the impression of an open-minded and pragmatic leader very comfortable with where his business is and where its strategy is likely to be taking it in the future.

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