nib to launch first Adviser Declaration

nib to launch first Adviser Declaration

nib Group will launch its first Adviser Declaration in a format allowing financial advisers to quickly confirm they are meeting the terms of their agreement with nib and can focus on their clients.

The declaration is part of nib’s Adviser Oversight Framework, an overarching adviser compliance model. It is online and includes 12 attestations requiring a simple “yes” or “no” response.

Chris Carnall, head of adviser distribution at nib, said the relationship between the insurer and its adviser partners remains solid despite significant changes in regulation and licensing.

Benefits of nib’s Adviser Declaration

Carnall said that the declaration has been designed to help advisers focus on what they do best – advising clients.

“It’s important we use technology to give advisers and their clients, our members, a great experience while ensuring that good conduct practices are followed,” Carnall said. “Supporting our members’ health and wellbeing is our goal, as is helping advisers maintain a high level of productivity. We’re working across the board on other exciting developments, which we will roll out over the months to come.”

Advisers can complete the declaration on any internet-enabled device at any time.

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