President & CEO raises over $100k for Alzheimer’s research

President & CEO raises over $100k for Alzheimer's research

President & CEO raises over $100k for Alzheimer’s research | Insurance Business Canada

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President & CEO raises over $100k for Alzheimer’s research

The charitable event included some of the NHL’s greatest stars

Non-Profits & Charities

David Saric

For a second year in a row, David Palermo (pictured), the CEO and president of Insure-it, participated in the Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimer’s hockey tournament in support of The Baycrest Centre, a leading institution in both research and care for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

“This is a very important cause for me personally,” Palermo said. “My family has a history of this disease, so I was very eager to participate in the event once again and raise some necessary funds and awareness towards this cause.”

Going beyond expectations

Last year, Palermo assembled a hockey team with fellow Insure-it employees and raised over $10,000 for the charity.

However, he had bigger ambitions for his 2023 contributions, with an initial fundraising goal of $25,000.

To hit that target, Palermo had to think creatively about how to surpass his previous sum, tapping into help from business partners, friends, clients and any other resources that were happy to partake in this philanthropic effort.

“It was a lot of work, especially in the back end,” Palermo said.

The Insure-it Group hosted an afternoon carnival replete with games and a bake sale. By outreaching to industry partners, Palermo was also able to incentivize donations by creating a raffle that included a chance to win an exotic car racing experience, sports memorabilia and gift cards for those who contributed money.

“This really showed how generous and open-hearted people can be,” he said.

As a result, Palermo was able to quadruple his intended donation, becoming the single highest individual fundraiser for the year.

“As a hockey fanatic, I was excited”

Having grown up experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s within his immediate family, being able to meaningfully contribute to vital research initiatives has become a personal pledge for Palermo.

Similarly, this particular charitable effort incorporates another of Palermo’s passions.

“I grew up playing hockey and still do, so working with Baycrest combines two things that are very near to my heart, giving back and hitting the ice,” he said.

This year, Palermo’s team even included the addition of Mark Recchi, a former NHL player and Hockey Hall of Famer.

“As a hockey fanatic, I was excited. it was amazing to have participation from some of the sport’s biggest players,” he said.

NHL luminaries Daryl Sittler and Ken Dryden were also in attendance, rallying up excitement among the attendees while also give heartfelt pleas to continue the fight to combat Alzheimer’s.

Forming a community with a common goal

One of the benefits of participating in this fundraising event, aside from comingling with hockey legends and contributing necessary funds towards research and innovation methods for Alzheimer’s, is the community it builds for those involved.

“Being in a room full of people with a similar goal is very inspiring,” Palermo said.

However, as the event progressed and the competition intensified, a more jovial spirit took over the crowd.

“You kind of forget why you’re there in the first place once the ball gets rolling, and it adds an extra layer of sentiment to the memories you create while in attendance,” Palermo said.

Extending the impact of community service

The insurance industry prides itself on its ability to serve the people it creates policies for by bringing a sense of strength and resolution during vulnerable moments of loss.

For Palermo, these charitable efforts extend the impact of an insurer’s dedication to its clients and the community at large.

“Giving back in this way is very important,” Palermo said.

“We’re more than just our policies for people to provide counsel on risk management, and initiatives like this show how the industry can showcase another aspect of its community support.”

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