Dispute monthly premium after cancelling?:

I purchased health insurance through Pennie (pennsylvania marketplace) as I'm self emplyed. I picked a plan and have been paying a monthly premium for about 3 years now. Recently, life things changed and I found out I was eligible for Medicaid. Pennie told me that I couldn't renew because I was eligible for Medicaid. So I appplied May 21, a month later was approved. To cancel the marketplace insurance (IBX), I was back and forth with them online and there was no way to "cancel" my plan. I just stopped payment for June. However, they still billed me and said I needed to call Pennie. In which Pennie said I am still responsible for that premium payment, ($450), even though I didn't "use" that insurance.

At that time, when you are on Medicaid – it technically starts the day of your application.

Is there anyway I can dispute that payment? Or prove that I used Medicaid during that month and therefore no longer needed the IBX insurance?

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