Health insurance retroactively pulling out claims

I was under my mom's insurance plan when she was put on disability for work but she carried over her insurance while her disability case was being decided on. She says I would have been covered and everything was processed like I was.

During the time I went to the doctors for a couple of things and the insurance claims were fully paid out. The doctors office said they verified the insurance while I was there.

My mom recently became old enough to be enrolled in Medicare. So I got my own insurance because I would be losing coverage under her plan, this was only happened a couple of months ago.

Now the doctors are saw are calling me trying to force me to pay the bills from 1 1/2+ years ago saying I wasn't covered at the time. I would able to but doing so would cause a financial strain. The amount I'm currently being called about is $400. I think I visited some other doctors who haven't reached out to me so I don't know if the same thing happened with their office. Mental vs Physical health.

My mom was the coverage holder but her health isn't the best and I haven't be able to get her to call yet.

Are they able to claw the money back after they approved it and it's been a 1 1/2+ years since they paid out? Is there any body I could call and talk to or would my mother have to do it since I was covered through her?

Is it worth getting an attorney? I'm guessing not but if other doctors start saying I owe them it would up $2000 – $2500, I'm not able to pay that right now.

I'm trying to keep it simi generic but I can add more details as needed. ust in case it matters I'm 25 now and was 24 when the claims happened. Sorry if this isn't the right sub

Thank you!

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