Insurance from local Health Care Clinic sounds too good to be true. Is my mom being scammed?

Recently found out my mom has stage 4 cancer and she doesn’t qualify for Medicare/Medicaid since she’s 60 years old, has not worked for years, and has income from SSA and investment property. I created a post yesterday asking how to avoid paying $100k+ bills and users gave through responses what kind of insurance to look for.

Today my mom asked me to go to a Health Care Clinic which her friend recommended and I spoke with a Covered California Certified Enrollment Counselor and he recommended either Anthem HMO ($191/month) or Health Net PPO ($589/month). I asked questions based on what people mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Q1: Does the plan exclude pre-existing conditions and not pay for anything related to cancer? Counselor: “No exclusions. They won’t even ask if your mom has cancer when I sign her up for the insurance”.

Q2: Is the insurance compliant with the Affordable Care Act? Counselor: “Yes”

Q3: Any exclusions? Counselor: “No.”

Q4: Any max limit that insurance will cover up to? Counselor: “No limit.”

It sounds too good to be true. Should I give my mom the green light and tell her to sign up for PPO insurance with the Health Care Clinic tomorrow?

Thanks in advance.

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